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Immerse yourself in the world of Tantric massages!

It is my intention to make you aware of your power and to make your life experienceable in all its fullness.

Therefore I offer you with my Tantra Massages and Tantra Massage Seminars a lustful and protected space for sensuality and spirituality.


What are tantric massages?

Basically, Tantra is a spiritual movement that has its origins in Far Eastern religions. Energy is at the centre of this connection between sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. Tantra means translated "liberation through expansion".

The Tantra massage as we know it today is actually a relatively new "invention" from the 70s. Essential aspects of this ritual are worship, wholeness and the connection between body, mind and sexuality. Also the play of breathing, movement and voice are part of it.

What happens during a tantra ritual?

A Tantra massage involves the whole body (including the intimate area). The procedure is free, playful and can vary again and again. But what happens during such a ritual depends especially on the receiving person and each massage has a different effect.

What people experience during a Tantra massage is often difficult for them to express in words. To be accepted, to feel love, to dive into oneself, to get to know new facets of the own self, to expand the consciousness, to process emotional experiences or just pure relaxation.

With a tantric massage I offer you this space, which is all about you. Every reaction and every emotion has its place.

As a member of the "Förderverein Tantramassage Schweiz" I work after it’s principles.

This means that there are clear roles during this massage. For example, there is no sexual union, no oral sex and no mutual sexual acts. Depending on the course of the massage, a mindful holding of the receiving person is no problem at all. However, the intimate area is excluded from this.


I give massages to women, men and transpeople.

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