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Perceiving the body with all it's energies, feeling the sexuality, breaking out of the everyday life or simply "indulgence".

There are many reasons to enjoy a Tantric massage!

Let me accompany you on this journey to relaxation, well-being and to yourself.

Informations and prices

Procedure of a tantric massage

How does such a ritual actually proceed? First I welcome you to a beverage. During an easy preliminary talk I would like to find out about your motivations and expectations.

After this conversation you can take a warm shower.

The process of a tantric massage is always the same: always different.
In this sense, there is no such thing as a "correct" procedure as with a wellness massage. Of course, pleasant kneading and stroking as in a wellness massage can and will be part of it. But the Tantra massage will also contain many playful elements. A breath, playing with the lunghi or feathers and then it can also be that I just hug you for a few minutes.

What will always be included is the intimate area. This does not have to be touched after a certain time, but can be included in the massage before.

The prices of a tantric massage

In order to satisfy as many needs as possible, I offer the following time models:


Business : 250.-

This tantric massage is for busy business people and anyone else who has little time. It takes  one hour.

Classic : 300.-

The normal time of a tantric massage is 1.5 hours and is optimal if you are not under time pressure.

Deluxe : 350.-

For the experienced connoisseur or those who want to take a bit more of time, I also offer a two-hour massage.

These prices are for the pure massage time. Including the two conversations, showering and resting, it is best to expect an additional 45 minutes to one hour.

4-hand-massages on demand

I also offer other massage rituals:

Bamboo Massage

The bamboo massage ritual has its roots in the Far East. Whether for friendship, happiness or for a long life. The bamboo is revered in many countries and always has its own meaning.

During the bamboo massage I use different sized bamboo woods to stroke or tap your body. The bamboo lime oil provides a pleasant smell in your nose and also cares for your skin.

75 minutes bamboo massage ritual: 120

Wellness Massage

Wellness massage: Just lie down, relax and unwind. Enjoy the strokes, kneading and in this way take a break from the stressful everyday life.

Wellness massage 60 minutes: 100

Welnnes massage 90 minutes: 140


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